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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sorry to those who were waiting for the VPN post, tiny setback, eg, i cbf working it out at the moment. Due to Uni being hectic and being WAY behind where i should be in assignment(s) wise, i figured i'd talk to you guys about Security, and then leading into (later) VPNs and how they can be helpful in securing your internet activites.

How you can be identified:

This site when you go to it > Proxy Judge's is what is called a proxy judge. It "Judges" how anonymous a proxy is. So if your reading this hopefully you know what a proxy is. Its when your connection is routed through a "proxy" and then onto the specified target.
There are 3 Levels of a web proxy. L1 L2 L3. L1 = High Anonymous, which means that when you are connecting through this proxy this proxy gives no indication at ALL that it is a proxy. L2 = Anonymous, which means that it does not show your IP address from which you are connecing through, BUT it can give some indication that it is a proxy. L3 = NonAnonymous In the header packets it shows the originating IP Address. Which is something that is not great if your trying to be anonymous.

What you can do about it:

The easiest way is to use a proxy for all non-personal connections, by finding one here or here and then adding them into your firefox, or chrome, or what not. eg:

There are also proxies called "Socks", which are completely anonymous compared to web based proxies. And usually stay up longer than web proxies do.

Enjoy your privacy, you have the right!

For those wanting to know more about VPN's lookup "OpenVpn". Its a package that you load into your *nix operating system, (On the server you connect through) and then you can use and vpn client to connect through it.


Bremsy said...

That might come in usefull :]

R.C said...

Wow, this is very handy to know! Thanks!

Stephen said...

I find VPN's more reliable than regular proxies. I'm on one right now actually :)

Rebecca said...

thanks for the tip!

tony said...

wouldn't tor be safer?

Dick Burns said...

I love this post. I reposted it on my blog and linked everyone to your site here and let them know it's your work. Let me know if you want me to take it down. Great job.

ApocTV said...

Very nice post. TrueCrypt is a great app. There's a couple others that are better out there when security is the highest priority, but for your average person TrueCrypt is awesome.

Keep the posts coming! :)

ApocTV said...

Nice post. I'd love to see someone do a big write-up on BackTrack...

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